Magic Markings Art

By Cathie Carlson

Magic Markings Art by Cathie Carlson marks life's magical moments with handmade custom keepsake gifts.

magic markings art by cathie carlson

Beautiful Things

Handmade custom keepsake gifts for engagement, wedding, new home, birth and holidays. 

100% Handmade

Each item is created with love and care in my studio on the east coast of Virginia. 

magic markings art ring dishes

A love of art and desire to share that passion led me to teaching elementary through middle school art.  After eight years of working in a school setting I launched Magic Markings Art, a home based after school and summer art  program.  A short while later, when my own art began to overtake our house, I opened an online shop - also named Magic Markings Art.  The trajectory of my work has continued to evolve as I explore ideas and respond to customer requests. I look forward to what lies ahead and welcome your input.

Images of my work in process, art and bits of beach life are posted on my Instagram account. Please feel free to stop by and say hello ~ MagicMarkingsArt