Magic Markings Art

By Cathie Carlson

In the Studio

clay play dayCathie CarlsonComment

Every now and then I go into the studio to create just for the joy of creating.  With no looming deadlines nor custom orders to be made; it's just me, a big block of clay and a music, podcast or NPR station playing in the background.

handmade clay spoons

During a recent clay play day I made spoon molds which were formed from clay then fired in my kiln.  The bisque fired forms are perfect for recreating the same shape multiple times.

handmade clay spoons

Once formed the clay spoons have to dry for a couple of days before they can be kiln fired.  Afterwards they will be painted with glaze and fired once again.  In the meantime one can find me in my studio catching up on orders or playing around with a few other new ideas.